domingo, 16 de maio de 2010

Luís birthady!

Now he is 5! He is so excited about his birthday that I think he waits for this day 364 days. No kidding! He had 3 birthday parties, at school, at home on Thursday and on Saturday another one at home with his cousins, this morning he told me he wants a Toy Story birthday party for next year.

He is Dash from "The Incredibles" and the neighbor boy is superman. This was a difficult friendship that it is good now. The boys had so many hard time a couple of months that I decide to do some coaching on both boys. That seems to be working and they enjoy being with each other.

Anyway, Luís big love is his cousins, every time we meet with any of them I reassure the feeling we did the best moving back. Even that we still struggle with many things, to be close to the family for the boys is priceless. So, Luís had a birthday party with all his cousins, the blood ones and the heart ones :)
He is just so excited to see any of them, he loves his Uncle Mauricio (my brother) and Murilo is his hero (Mauricio's son). He gave the special piece of cake to Caio (a heart cousin that does not have blood cousins around), that was really sweet. He loves to follow Lala (a daughter from André's sister) and Luana (a heart cousin, the oldest child in the group) cares so much about Luís and Pedro that makes my heart floods.
Overall, Luís is doing good, he faces some challenges at school regarding the other kids and at home he is just so happy. He does tell me some stuff about school but he tells in details what he did at scholo to Fígaro, the cat, so I can know from this convesation. He is somehow more flexible and always fun; the difficult part at home is the boys being very jelaous of each other.
We had a great party but missed the fun we had in Wenatchee for Luís birthday party. Thanks for Misti and Teacher Wendy for recalling his birthday, I showed the e-mail to Luís and he started his non stop talking to let out his excitement. We really apreciate that!

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  1. Happy Birthday Luis! We wish we sould have been there:-)

  2. Happy Birthday Luis!
    Your party looks very fun!
    I love it!
    Be Happy!

  3. Querida Marie, o Luis está ficando cada dia mais lindo e mais parecido com vc :)
    Pelo visto a comemoração foi ótima e ele se divertiu mt!
    Felicidades pra todos vcs e diga a ele que mais uma "tia" mandou parabéns atrasado :)


  4. Hi everyone
    What great pictures of everyone enjoying Luis's party! I feel so good that you have all the cousins there!
    Maria please email me with your new adress! I would love to send the boys a letter.