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To Santa Claus ...

According to Luis, Santa should know us better, so he made him the drawings, Dad and his phone, Pedro and TV, Luis and his bike, Mom and the computer :-)

sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2011

more preparing

Kitchen is NOT my natural habitat! Don't really know what we were trying to do. :-)

quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2011

Preparing dinner

Pedro was very curious about the turkey! I think is very disgusting touching any kind of raw meat, but here I go for celebrate Santa Claus!

Day 1 - Santos


"....quando eu entro na água parece que eu naço de novo,
a onda cutuca umbigo
e o sal vem pra lavar
a minha alma
que fica nova linda pronta pr'eu amar ...."
music by Dani Turcheto

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Bike day!

Today Luis felt happy riding his bike. Last summer we tried but it wasn't his thing I think mostly because he did not feel competent riding it.
He has friends in the neighborhood and they all ride bikes. He was quite frustrated and decided to try and try and try .... and now I am the one scared!!
Andre and I were managing around 12 kids on bikes and we just thought while we were there with all those kids how many parents were taking a nap and how many were just having a bear :-)

Pedro enjoys being around the kids, he goes one by one, touch them, jump in front of them and they just freeze having no clue what to do ..... little by little they are getting comfortable around Pedro.

quarta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2011


He is so excited!!!
That's his 1st one!!!

Christmas shopping

Is it the best time of the year? I am really not sure about that .... we get all so rushed, so tired. Over here we get the end of the school year and holidays and beginning of summer vacations all together. It is exhausting!
But what worries me the most it is the presents, finding something age appropriate that will enchant Pedro, I set off for Christmas shopping really wishing Santa was for real so it would be his job to find something for Pedro. I get anxious days before I plan for it, around his birthday the same feeling arise.
For my surprise, did not get me to long this year to find, not one but two toys may be good for Pedro, bought both for sure :-) and now I just need to wait until he gets them and hopefully enjoy them ...

Good I have so many things to get organized, we are going to have a busy and exiting January and besides all the Holidays this moth I got to get things lined up for January.

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Time to give thanks!

I am thankful for some many things in my life. I can recall with joy all the accomplishment we had this year. Today I have the feeling “with a good idea in my brain, love in my heart and a smile in my face, I can do anything!” I am deeply thankful for this feeling :-)

I am special thankful for the amazing people who are part of my life, my boys always, the three of them, my friends, old and new ones and some people that come and go, but impact deeply my heart.

I am thankful even for the moments I thought I was in a dead end, they made me look around for new roads to go!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2011

Meu dente ta mole

Loose tooth!

"Hey Mom, I have a loose tooth, I wait so long for this moment! Can I call my Dad?" - that was the way Luís woke me up today.

Yes, he waited so long for this moment, he is 6 1/2 and it is his first loose tooth, all his classmates already lost teeth, many of them, they have a chart and Luís was so sad for not being in the chart. He says he doesn't want to be different. Here he goes ....
With this news I've got to e-mail the "Tooth Fairy" :-) the boys are enrolled in a research project that involves analyzing something inside their teeth for mapping chromosomes, so we can have all the stuff ready to keep the tooth to go to the Lab. That's the modern Fairy.

I am happy because it is a happy day for Luis! Everyone he meets today he announces the big news!

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