sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

Bike day!

Today Luis felt happy riding his bike. Last summer we tried but it wasn't his thing I think mostly because he did not feel competent riding it.
He has friends in the neighborhood and they all ride bikes. He was quite frustrated and decided to try and try and try .... and now I am the one scared!!
Andre and I were managing around 12 kids on bikes and we just thought while we were there with all those kids how many parents were taking a nap and how many were just having a bear :-)

Pedro enjoys being around the kids, he goes one by one, touch them, jump in front of them and they just freeze having no clue what to do ..... little by little they are getting comfortable around Pedro.

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  1. little by little is good, very good!
    Love to hear about Pedro and Luis, I would like to be your neighbor.;P