terça-feira, 24 de agosto de 2010

Where we are by now.

We are still adjusting :D Yes, we are!!

We have been able to take beautiful pictures, we have been able to enjoy fun moments, but life is not like in the pictures on an everyday basis. Anyway, we all know it is just matter of time for everything fall in place, whatever it means, but we are still living under the storm.

Pedro got in a really bad time, he turned very aggressive, one night I was alone with both boys, Pedro had such a crisis that Luís hided himself under the dinner table. After that night I contacted his doctor and he started on medication to try to control the irritation that causes the aggression. It was a tough decision, but I didn’t have choice.

He is calmer by now, but still has some angry moments.

The regular school didn’t work at all for him. We are so far behind as society in adjusting for people with special needs, now he is out of school. Actually, he is adapting in a private school that has a special ed class, yesterday the director called me because they don’t know what to do since Pedro is not physical or cognitively handicapped, but his behavior is just … anyway, here in Brazil they don’t understand yet the emotionally handicapped people that include people with autism. They expect Pedro to sit and listen.

Meanwhile I was researching for a Waldorf school and I found one for people with special needs. We went to visit the school and Pedro seemed to love it, he was so organized that the rest of the day he was talking in full sentences, something that I haven’t hear for so, so long. They focus on a anthropophagic development and include a lot of art for expression, it is just Pedro.

We are going to make a trial starting next week, 3 times a week since is in São Paulo main big city and I will have to travel about 1 hour and half to get there, then come back. If the school works the plan is to move to the big city.

Luís is doing great, we had a friend from Florida visiting us and she has a 5 years old daughter, Luís just had so much fun playing out all his imagination, it was really cool to see. Luís still struggles with Portuguese, but he is learning so fast.

I miss so much the American society; it is just a great and fair Country. I miss the love my boys had from some people in Wenatchee, I just don’t miss the cold weather :)

Love, Maria

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  1. Pedro, aggressive? That's crazy. He's the sweetest boy I know! I'm sorry you've had to go through so much, but if anyone can handle it, it's you. You are amazing! We sure miss you guys. Everytime we drive by the house Emmy starts in about how we need to save our money to come visit you guys in Brazil:-) Hang in there. Lots of love:-)

  2. .. well.. and I will miss you always wherever you are.:) You are right, it is just a matter of time, so hang in there and never forget that you can count on me... I know that all I can do for now is listen, but I do that with my heart wild open.