sexta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2010

Ambulance Ride

One more for our lives! Luís got sick last Friday, he had a stomachache and was so so during the weekend. Monday was a Holliday over here and he spent all day in bed, on Tuesday I took him to the ER (over here things work different, you just take to ER when you are sick, there is no need to be serious, the doctor’s office just works by appointments) so I was fine with that I told Pedro “see you soon”.

In the ER we learned Luís was with pneumonia in both lungs, more than 2/3 of each lung was affected and he needed to be in hospital. I could not image that so we were in the local small town hospital from a in developing Country, I can say, “very scary” so we started working on move Luís to the big city. On Wednesday we were already here in a very good (one of the best hospitals) in São Paulo. For that he needed an ambulance with all possible inside, they call UTI ambulance (intensive care one).

He was hooked to oxygen and, when possible (he hates it) he is with artificial breathing mask/machine to open his lungs. Last night was really hard, he was with very low heart beat and his vision was red, they moved him to an intensive care room.

This morning he woke up looking better, he could eat, he was not eating since Sunday, nights are the worse time so we are enjoying the day time.

We hope to be back home soon, I miss Pedro and thanks God we is doing great, we “rent” a Gamma (a friend of mine’s Mom) plus some other friend helping. Luís miss him brother too, and his home. But I think we still have around 4 days here.


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  1. Wow Maria! That's really scary. I hope things are getting better and that Luis can go home soon. I wish we were closer to help with Pedro! Hang in there and keep us updated. Hugs to Luis:-)

  2. Melhoras pra ele. Não sei se acredita mas tem um mantra muito bom, repita sempre e ensine ao seu filhote. "O Luiz (ou seu sou, se vc ensinar pra ele) é saudável e forte, filho de Deus e com muita sorte". Você passa a direcionar seu pensamento a algo bom, distrai e ainda fica focado na melhora.

    Espero que vocês voltem para casa logo!
    Karla Coelho