terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

getting better

Still in hospital, but since yesterday, in a regular room. Luís got deregulated with the change, all new staff and he got anxious every time someone enters the room. By now, he is almost fine again with that.

He is having fewer panic attacks, that a plus for a kid with autism in hospital, but he is eating peanuts now. Yeah! He hasn’t been eating for a week, whatever he wants, he can have.

His breathing is still weak, but his oxygen level is stabilized. His heart beat still high, the doctors says it is because he just has 1/3 of a lung working well … Oh God! Several moments I thought I would loose him! It is one of the worse situations in life having your child in a hospital bed and all the equipment that is tracking his vital signs start beeping and 7 people rushing inside the room.

I believe the worse is past, now we are going uphill and he already feels like going home. We are waiting for some exams and the doctor’s visit to know the next step.

I really want to be back home by Thursday. Let’s see…

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  1. Poor Luis. Poor Maria! I'm sure this has been horrible for you guys. Luis is so brave:-) Can't wait until you go home!