sábado, 4 de dezembro de 2010

Back home in time for dinner ...

Back home in time for thanksgiving, but instead a roasted turky we had raw fish (japanese food).

I was glad to get out of hospital with Luís, he still needs care. He is on medicine until the 7th and he is doing therapy to get his lungs working well again. The bottom part from the right lung is not working yet, he feels tired, it is very hot and this doesn't help energy going, the good, Luís loves the guy that comes to work with him, he does almost all the breathing exercices, I think he miss being in therapy :)

We had some situations this week, Pedro was quite jelous and made time hard for me.

On Tuesday the doctor decided to take off Luís' hook (I don't know how to call it) used to get the medicine IV with the promiseLuís would take it by mouth. At 9 PM, medicine time Luís refused to take it. I had to drive back o SP to a main hospital to get it in the muscle, that hurts so much ... 5 doctors were concerned by Luís, I was so upset he wouldn't listen to me ... his butt and leg were hurting until the following day, and he learned and repeats to André: "better listen to Mom!"

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