sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010

Ready for X-mas

It has been magical, Luís is just enjoying all X-mas preparation. Since he is on vacations earlier because of his sickness (and he is not tottaly well yet) we spend the most part of the day at home doing Christmas stuff.
Every night he tells he is going to sleep so Santa can come, I explained him that Santa just come when kids are sleeping.
Today we set a counting down calendar, we have the ones that count up to 24 or 25, so we made one from 8 to zero. It makes more sense to him.
He got soap, put on his face and declared: "Look! I am Santa!", the cute part, he said that in portuguese :)

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  1. O natal mexe com todas as pessoas e essas lembranças ficam pra sempre! Que bom que estão aproveitando... :)
    Boas festas e muitas realizações em 2011.