domingo, 19 de junho de 2011

Back home ... loving Fígaro!

Luís was crying when we got close home. He said his home is in US and he wants to go back there. That made me cry too .... he was so happy with his friend Gabi, they had real conversations, two 6 years old talking about the world and their thoughts. They talked about Tangled (they watched 1,000 times together during the past week), Gabi explained to Luís about the mothers (the first one was not the real mother), so that made easier for Luís to understand the movie.

Gabi lives in US, I think this was a plus to make him want to go back. I wish I could choose.

It was so beautiful seeing both playing, arguing, connecting and re-connectig. The only thing Luís has to understand is his friends can have other friends ... we get there, some day!

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