quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

Back to São Paulo

My helper was not really a help at all and we had to leave the beach after a tantrum (from the helper). The boys are misbehaving for sure, they are not easy and they are very stressed, Pedro is quite agressive and out of control and the girl (19 years old) is not prepared to life.
On Monday we head back to São Paulo, it was a holliday in the city and my brother was at home, he helped me unloading the car, prepared lunch, he cleaned the kitchen and played with the kids while I could rest a little.
By 6 P.M. he anouced he had a date and had to go, Luís asked "what is a date?" and I explained that a date is when a boy and a girl go out together and he conclued "like Jack and Jill!!" :)
I could plan a plan B and started moving forward with life.
Luís will start new school on Monday, it is a bilingual school and his class is just in English for now. I think we will be fine, he was so excited about the new school but very shy when we got there.
I contacted a social worker and next week we are going to start Pedro's paper work for special services. The boys really miss having a house and a routine, me too. We are basic camping around and I am tired of packing and unpacking so often.
It is raining a lot in São Paulo, hot anyway, but the rain makes traffic impossible. On Tuesday took me 45 mintes to ride 4 Km!
And here we are, still insisting we can be happy!!
I miss my routine and my talk with Cathy, Heidi and all the people that understand how life is in my Family.

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  1. Nobody deserves to be happy more than you and your boys. okay.. I do, our friends too. just keep trying I know you are good on that thing.:)
    I miss you. Enjoy Cananeia, enjoy yourself as much as you can, as little as possible... you are this giant, the lady of anything possible.
    Love you,