sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

Pedro lost a tooth!

I know, he is 6 years old and hadn't change any baby teeth, he was playing in the swimming pool and he felt, hit his mouth and his first tooth got loose. I rushed him to the dentist and he suggested to pull out the loose tooth, "not me" I answered to the dentist and Pedro didn't let him touch his mouth. We came back and he was quite quiet just trying to rest, then he decided to eat an apple and couldn't bite it, then he wanted to eat a cracker and had the same problem so he pulled out his own loose tooth.

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  1. Marie! Eu quase nao te reconheci na foto com o Luis! Quanta diferenca faz um sol , hein?
    O Pedro esta lindo, o Luis continua fofo, voce sempre bonita... e sim e possivel imaginar o surfita, alias porque nao imaginar os nossos meninos surfando?
    Se pudesse ia te ajudar, mesmo que fosse pra chorar de rir sem saber o que fazer.