quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2010


Our house is not ready yet, after a lot of rain that delayed the outside painting the construction company put 17 people working hard to finalize the house, but (there is always a "but") the company responsible for delivering the stairs (it is a 3 storage little house) could not make it, they ran out of wood, can anyone belive that? and now they ordered from another company. Hopefully they will deliver on Friday :)

Our stuff is already at Santos, this is the main port and is wating for the paper work and the inspection person scheduled for Thursday, if that happen (anything can happen) on Friday we will have our things in the new house.

So, let's pray!

Anyway, every moment has a good side. I could not keep driving so long distance every day so I found a Hotel near the new house, and schools, and etc. so we could get in a routine.

The hotel is a very little farm and the people are very nice and welcoming, they have a chikencoop with a chicken and a rooster, Pedro's favorite spot :) and in the morning some monkeys come for breakfast, they are Luís best friends!

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  1. Ola Marie,
    q excelentes noticias.
    Amei a prof. da escola do Pedro.
    E sinceramente, acho q vou mudar pra Jundiai... vcs me aceitam?