quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2010

Pedro at school

On Monday Pedro started school. His class has 25 kids including him.

First day was very confusing and hard for Pedro, there was a lot of talking and that disturbed him. We could hold there for one hour.

Second day the teacher adjust her talking and started with a worksheet, Pedro had access to a drawing book and the day ( a shorted one anyway) was smooth. The teacher asked me to have a meeting on the following day and I confess that got me a little nervous.

Third day, it was today and the meeting day :) the teacher adapted even further her class and started the day with a song and a rythm activity, Pedro was as happy as I ever seen him in the school, then she finalize with hugs between the kids, Pedro was so, so happy and the teacher too.

We had our meeting and it was very nice, the teacher read a "manual' about Pedro's sensory I gave her and she called some friends (a neurologist and a psicologist) on her own and they came up with the song plan :). She has some other ideas to be implemented. Next step is to build Pedro's spot in the class with books, stuffed animals, pillows and big enough that can fit 3 kids at least. She really got the idea!

She is getting some material to introduce autism to the other staff at school, we were so lucky Pedro's neighborhood school is very little, and then she wants to intruduce Pedro to the full school.

Not all schools in Brazil are so welcoming for people with challenges, I can say that this is not the norm. It was really a bless to get this teacher with a supportive principal.

I have in mind and the tacher agrees Pedro's adaptation will take at least a year because of the language and his own challenges , slow we go, the important is keep going ...

A fun fact, Pedro puts his pencil behind his ear, he doesn't do it at home, just at school, I know one of his aids at Washington did that but I don't recall who. He does that and looks at me as saying "I know where I am!".

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  1. Fantastic Marie!
    I always say it: one person, only one person... that is all we need to change (okay I know, I am an optimist!). We had our angel here in Fl and I believe you got it there.
    Fingers crossed.
    So happy to see you and your monkeys, your family is beautiful, keep that in mind.
    Love and miss you,

  2. Ola Marie,
    q excelentes noticias!
    Amei a prof. da escola do Pedro.
    E sinceramente, acho q vou me mudar pra Jundiai... vcs me aceitam?
    E vamos q vamos...2010 promete!

  3. Marie,
    Que bom ter noticias de voces !!!
    Estou torcendo para que todas as dificuldades desse comeco sejam superadas rapidamente.
    A sua forca e positividade sao motivos de inspiracao na minha vida !!
    Let's keep in touch !!

  4. Hi Maria!
    So nice to hear of Pedros school and the acceptance he has there! One of the things that Nathan said to me just last week was ... all that anyone wants is acceptance! I do think there is more but acceptance is the beginning!
    I miss you all and it sounds like you are good despite the big lifestyle changes! It is warm here in Seattle, 50 degrees and sunny, we are lucky!
    Love to all and to Mr. Pedro tickles!

  5. Hi the comment was switched to Seattle from wenatchee??? Oh well you know where I am!