domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

Copa do mundo

The fun part of the soccer games is having the family together, and this last game we had the best part of the family over for a kind of barbecue.
When the game started, Luís and Aunt Andrea put themselves in position for the brazilian hymn, it was funny!
... and boys all over the couch ... it was a good game, lots of fun with 3 goals, for Luís 4 because he celebrates all goals, it does not matter if it is from the other team.

Um comentário:

  1. I swear to God with all my heart, I love Luis!
    He is cute, he is funny, he is smart, he knows what he wants... what a boy!
    I just adore his new hair style.
    Pedro is gorgeous as always... your sister is beautiful just like you are.
    I wish I could be in your place for the game and barbecue, of course.
    Next game will be BR X CH hope you are not in a difficult position.
    I love and miss you,