quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010

new cousin

Yesterday a new cousin was born, it is a baby girl, her name is Roberta. I decided we should give her a visit, I mean, Luís and I, so a called André to ask him to come home earlier so I could run to the hospital with Luís, Pedro heard the conversation (in Portuguese) and cried for 40 minutes, so I decided to be brave and take with me both boys. Yes! Two autistic kids in a maternity for a baby visit!

The boys were really nice, we just saw the baby through a window, Pedro had a delight time, he loves babies and Roberta is so tiny, nothing out of norm, we don't see just born babies every day :)

After the visit I had promissed Luís a treat, so we went to get something to eat, we chose our treats and I misunderstood Luis' one, so by the end we had an extra treat, we never count on Pedro because he is so picky to eat and we had our suprise, Pedro just picked up one of the treats and ate it all.

It made the trip to the hospital extra special, Pedro tried something new and Luís understood something new about being part of a bigger family.

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