sábado, 19 de junho de 2010

Festa Junina preview

Just to get a little of brazilian Folklore, we have celebration all moth of June, we call these "parties" Festas Juninas, they are organized by churches, schools or other community centers.

According to historians, this festival was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese, even during the colonial period (time when Brazil was colonized and ruled by Portugal).

At that time, Brazil had a great influence of cultural elements from Portugal, China, Spain and Frace. From France came the dance set, the tradition of fireworks came from China, from the Iberian Peninsula would have been dancing ribbons, very common in Portugal and Spain.

All these cultural elements were, over time, blending the cultural aspects of Brazilians (indigenous, african-Brazilian and European immigrants) in the various regions of the country, taking particular characteristics in each.

We went to the festival in "probably Pedro's future school", I've been talking to the teacher over there, they have a special ed class inside the regular school, that's not the norm in Brazil, anyway, the problem is Pedro is not cognitively disable, but he cannot follow a regular class yet ... so we are trying to come up with a plan. Let's see ....

Next week it is Luís' school "festa junina", he will dance (I hope, at least they have been practicing at school).

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  1. Thanks for the updates, Maria. We love seeing the pictures. Looks/sounds like there are some positive things happening down there for you. I'm very glad and wish you with best. Tell your family hello from Misti.
    -Misti Gold