quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010

About Pedro

Do you know who this is? .... That's Pedro's old friend Mr Potato Head!!!
After a while not painting and drawing Pedro is back at work and his new creations include Mr Potato Head with different colors of nose and hat, all Pooh Bear's friends including the donckey, and some old ones but more elaborated Silly Faces.
And here we are! Pedro stays at school for 2 hours now with no major problem, he stays in classroom with his aid, not always doing what everyone is doing, but always with his group.
His favorite time in school is Portuguese class, they do it through music and he just loves it.
He does not interact with the other kids but the classmates keep trying, they are so loving.
After school, on Mondays he practice riding his bike (and I run side by side), he is doing much better on controlling the bike but still struggles using the break. Quite scary and this get me running a lot. Some days he is just on and he laugh saying "Mommy run!" and starts pedaling fast. :)
On Tuesdays he has a special teacher time for 45 minutes and they already have a friendship, latter in the day he does PT with a very nice and strong young lady.
On Wednesdays I take him to the public service for half hour with a physiologist that I didn't understand yet what she does, bu anyway, because of the way he comes out of the room (she does not allowed me inside) he plays a lot with her pens. Then, in the end of the day he will star music therapy. That person seems to be very sensitive, we did 2 sessions evaluation with Pedro and her main focus will be bilateral movements. Pedro is going to have his first real session next week.
On Thursdays he does swim lessons. One fun fact, when he started the personal trainer told me the first step should be making Pedro comfortable in the swimming poll as this was a new environment, I just laugh inside thinking how she would convince Pedro to get out of the swimming pool when class was over.
On Fridays he sees the special teacher again.
I am still building his routine, he probably will do some horse ride again and I am looking for someone willing to teach him ball games, specially soccer, after all we are in Brazil!
He is not doing any of house work, that's because we have someone else doing all house work, I know, I shouldn't be writing this for the Americans, but it is how it works in Brazil :)
We did a electro search in his brain (I don't know the name of the test), anyway, his brain looks just fine, there is no spots that can concern for seizures.
Last but not least, he is fully potty trained. Finally he is not wetting his bed, Oh man! Took us 2 years and a half ...
On the down side he is still having tantrums and meltdowns. When he is out of control he is hitting pretty hard his hands on his head or face. That breaks my heart.
My plan is getting him writing so he could communicate this way; my hope is that helps him to "speak out" his feelings.
Love, Maria

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  1. Maria we just ordered a baby rooster that will come in a couple weeks. We are naming him Pedro after the best rooster drawer we know! We miss you guys!

  2. Hi Karlye,
    we feel very happy about your rooster's name, so appropriate!
    I just really hope you don't have the same thoughts for your Pedro as I do for mine at 4 A.M. : "Oh sweetie! be quiet, it is not morning yet!" hahaha
    Miss you too! Love, Maria